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We Shivam Rudraksha deal only in high quality and genuine Spiritual Products which are found in this planet of Earth. Each and every product we offer will give you and to your family a very high positive energy level and also protected you and your family from all evils, since it undergo various stage of Special Pooja's and Prayers done by Spritual Guru's. Our product are offered to enhance you with good health and wealth.

Our spritual product for sale are Rudraksha - 1 to 21 mukhi and also other Special Rudrakshas. Our product list extend by offering wide collection of Valampuri & Edampuri Sangu (108 + 1 Valampuri Sangu for Puja's, Yagams performed in Temple), Certified Gem Stones, Gem Stones, Chrimi Beads (Pure Red, Red, Black, White, Green), Shaligram, Sphatik Crystal, Shiva Lingam including Bhana Lingam, Mala's, Yendram and more. All Rudraksha Beads, sphatik, shaligram and other products we deal is of only High, Top Graded and First Quality. We don't compromise in quality. Quality is our pride.


People who saw Lord SHIVA and got blessing of Lord SHIVA.

Siddha is one who has attained siddhi, i.e. "power, prowess, strength, ability", then a special kind of psychic and supernatural, miraculous, occult power.

Siddhas are great saints who lived and continue to live, during various times. They are beyond the mundane things. They seek only the attainment of salvation through persistent prayer to Lord Siva. They are alchemists, who also gained various powers due to their penance. They can turn any metal into gold; walk on water; fly through air; enter into a dead body and bring life to it; can bury themselves underground or submerge under water for years together. Like this the list can go on. But more importantly, they invented great medicines that ordinary humans cannot even fathom to understand other than realizing the benefits of it. They know the perfect combination to make life-saving medicines that could have been made from highly poisonous plants.

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