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Rudraksha in stress control

People throughout the world have been using Rudraksha beads and necklaces since ages. It has been observed that Rudrakasha beads have been proved to be very helpful in the cure of several physiological as well as psychological diseases. One can feel its affect within a few days of wearing or taking it in the form of oral medicine.

Yogis and sages wore it to keep themselves aloof from the worldly pleasures and also to keep their mind and body calm and cool. All this made them capable of spectacular ability of mind and body control. It has been proved that Rudraksha have significant paramagnetic, diamagnetic, inductive and capacitive properties. When worn over the heart, they apart from slowing down the heartbeat send out electrical impulses of different frequencies varying for different mukhis in tandem with the heartbeat. These impulses act on specific centers of the brain capable of changing the brain chemistry thereby causing significant positive changes in personality of the wearer. Well as a matter of fact lot more of research has to be done on this wonderful bead. All should feel the benefit of Rudraksha. Rudraksha as an Alternative Healing tool is increasingly catching on as never before.

When worn in any body part especially around the neck touching the heart it minimizes the amount of blood flowing from the heart towards the brain. All this is due to the magnetic field created by it. The decrement in the blood flow from heart to brain minimizes the activity of the neurons and other neuro transmitters as they are now driving their energy from the oxygen in the blood.

When a person experiences high levels of stress, hypertension, depression etc shooting up the activities of the brain chemicals. Here the Rudraksha beads show their effect by bringing tranquilizing the brain activity. This may be the reason for Hindu and Buddhists priests and monks using the Rudarkash beads while meditating their focus of concentration. Many modern day professionals have felt the power of Rudrakasha beads in coping up with Blood pressure, heart problems, hypertension, insomnia etc. to a great extent. Though Rudraksha is a natural medicine and has no side effects, it should only be taken orally after consulting an experienced person.

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